Youtube Vanced 18.23.36 APK + MOD (Premium/No ADS)

With its ad-free experience, background play, and highly customizable interface, the YouTube Vanced mod APK provides an enhanced and uninterrupted YouTube viewing experience on Android.
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Aug 6, 2023
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Sup fellow YouTube enthusiasts! As many of you know, I’m a big fan of optimizing and enhancing existing technology to make it even more awesome. And one area that’s always grinding my gears is intrusive ads on YouTube. I mean, who has time for sitting through multiple ads before watching a short video? Not me!

That’s why I got pumped when I discovered YouTube Vanced, the totally swanky modded version of the YouTube app that blocks all ads! Finally, a solution to enjoy YouTube ad-free without going on some crazy hacking escapade. This mod is the real deal and 100% has the stamp of approval.

In this epic post, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about YouTube Vanced: what it is, why it crushes the normal YouTube app, how to download and install it on Android, tips for using it, and any troubleshooting issues. Strap in and get ready for an ad-free YouTube ride!

An Overview of YouTube Vanced

Let’s start with the basics – what exactly is YouTube Vanced? It’s essentially a modified version of the original YouTube app for Android that comes packed with tons of cool features. The name “Vanced” is actually a mashup of “YouTube Advanced” without the “Ad”. Pretty slick, right?

Some standout features of YouTube Vanced include:

  • No video ads – Say goodbye to annoying ads interrupting your videos! Vanced blocks all video ads for uninterrupted viewing.
  • No banner ads – It removes those pesky banner ads from the homescreen and video page. Time to declutter!
  • Background play – Videos can keep playing even with the screen locked or the app running in the background. Perfect for listening to music!
  • Picture-in-picture mode – This allows you to watch videos in a small window while doing other tasks on your phone. Maximum multitasking!
  • Dark mode – Go easy on your eyes with the slick dark theme.
  • Custom themes and colors – Personalize the look of the app to match your style.

So in summary, YouTube Vanced gives you all the core functionality of the original YouTube app just minus the distracting ads. It’s like an all-access backstage pass to YouTube without the jarring interruptions!

Why YouTube Vanced Beats the Original YouTube App

I know some of you may be wondering – why go through the trouble of installing a modded version when you can just use the regular YouTube app? Great question young padawan!

Here are some key reasons why YouTube Vanced totally crushes the original:

No More Infuriating Ads

Easily the #1 benefit of YouTube Vanced is stripping out those invasive ads. No more sitting through forced 15-30 second ads before videos or banner ads crowding the screen. The Vanced developers did top-notch work identifying and blocking both video and display ads. It’s a pristine ad-free YouTube utopia!

Uninterrupted Listening with Background Play

The background play feature is clutch for anyone who uses YouTube to listen to music. You can now switch apps or lock your phone while YouTube music keeps playing. No more forgetting to turn off the screen and draining your battery!

Enhanced Viewing with Picture-in-Picture

Picture-in-picture mode is perfect for multitasking. Pop your video into a small floating window and scroll through Reddit, send some texts, or browse dank memes all while your YouTube video stays playing. Way better than having to toggle between apps!

Customization Options Galore

Between dark mode, color tweaks, and custom themes – you’ve got plenty of ways to personalize the app’s look. Dark mode alone is worth the install in my book. Go from blinding whites to stylish darks.

Get Early Access to New Features

The Vanced developers are always adding new tweaks and features before they hit the official YouTube app. That means you get early access and input into new additions!

Use YouTube without A Google Account

Vanced doesn’t require signing in with a Google account to use core features. It’s perfect for maintaining privacy or creating an account just for YouTube.

So in summary, YouTube Vanced takes an already great app and makes it spectacular by removing frustrating ads and unlocking handy bonus features. It’s the premium YouTube experience completely free!

Downloading and Installing YouTube Vanced on Android

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff – how to install YouTube Vanced! I’ll walk you through the whole process from downloading the APK to setting it up on your Android device. Strap on your propulsion systems, we have liftoff:

Step 1) Download the Latest YouTube Vanced APK

First, you’ll need to download the latest APK file for YouTube Vanced:

  1. Open your favorite web browser on your Android device (Chrome, Firefox, etc).
  2. Navigate to our downloads page here and tap the big green download button. This will download the latest version of the YouTube Vanced APK.
  3. Once downloaded, open your device’s file manager app and find the APK file.

Step 2) Download and Install Vanced Manager

In order to install YouTube Vanced properly, you’ll need an app called Vanced Manager:

  1. On our downloads page, scroll above and tap the green “Download Vanced Manager” button. This will download the Vanced Manager APK.
  2. Once downloaded, install the Vanced Manager APK just like any other app. You may need to allow installation from unknown sources.
  3. Open Vanced Manager once installed – this is where you’ll install and manage YouTube Vanced.

Step 3) Install YouTube Vanced through Vanced Manager

Now you’re ready to install YouTube Vanced:

  1. In Vanced Manager, tap on “YouTube” and then tap “Install”.
  2. Select the YouTube Vanced APK file you downloaded earlier. The app will now be installed!

And that’s it! YouTube Vanced will be successfully installed on your device through Vanced Manager. Move onto the next section for additional tips on setting it up.

Setting Up and Using YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is ready to rock! Here are some tips for setting up Vanced and customizing it to your liking:

Log Into Your YouTube/Google Account

While not required, logging into your YouTube or Google account will sync your subscriptions, watch history, and other account details. This allows a more personalized experience.

To log in, open YouTube Vanced, tap your profile icon, and select “Add account”. Choose to log in with either your Google or YouTube account.

Toggle Background Play

Background play isn’t enabled by default. To turn it on:

  1. Tap your profile icon and select “Settings”.
  2. Tap on “Background and downloads”.
  3. Toggle on “Background play”.

Now videos will keep playing even when Vanced is in the background!

Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode

Similarly, picture-in-picture mode needs to be manually activated:

  1. Go to “Settings” and select “Picture-in-picture”.
  2. Toggle “Show picture-in-picture” to the on position.

Videos can now be popped out into a floating window!

Switch to a Dark Theme

Embrace the dark side with these steps:

  1. Access the Vanced settings menu.
  2. Tap on “Theme” and select either “Dark” or “Black” for an AMOLED black theme.

That’s it! Dark mode engaged.

Customize the Accent Color

Want to add a pop of color to the dark theme? Easily change the accent color:

  1. Go into “Theme” under Settings.
  2. Tap “Accent color” to open the color picker.
  3. Select your desired accent color. Vanced will update with your chosen color.

Explore Additional Theme Options

Under the “Theme” menu, there are options to customize the main app colors, toggle color listeners for music, and even select custom themes created by other users. Go wild and find a theme that suits your style!

And that covers the key settings for personalizing Vanced to your liking! Dive in and explore all the options for customizing the look of the app.

YouTube Vanced FAQs – Troubleshooting Help

Alright, let’s tackle some frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips:

YouTube Vanced Won’t Install?

If you’re having trouble installing YouTube Vanced, here are some things to try:

  • Make sure you have the Vanced Manager app installed first. YouTube Vanced can only be installed through Vanced Manager.
  • Enable installation from unknown sources in your Android settings if disabled. Vanced requires this.
  • Try downloading the APK again in case the file is corrupted. Re-download from our site.
  • Uninstall any existing version of YouTube to avoid conflicts.
  • Check that your Android version is 5.0 or higher. Vanced doesn’t support older versions.

Videos Aren’t Playing in the Background?

If videos aren’t continuing to play with the screen off, double check these:

  • Background play is enabled in the Vanced settings. Toggle it on.
  • Battery optimization is not exempted for Vanced. Exclude the app from battery optimization.
  • Memory restrictions in Android OS or other memory cleaner apps may be stopping background play. Add Vanced to allowed list.

How Do I Get Picture-in-Picture?

If you can’t get picture-in-picture working, verify these:

  • You have enabled picture-in-picture mode in the Vanced settings. Turn it on.
  • Picture-in-picture capability requires Android 8.0 or higher. It’s not supported on older Android versions.
  • Some manufacturer skins like MIUI block picture-in-picture functionality. Unfortunately can’t be fixed in those cases.

Videos Still Showing Ads?

If you’re still seeing video ads, a few possible reasons:

  • Double check ad blocking is enabled in MicroG settings (Vanced’s background service).
  • Try reinstalling the MicroG module. A corrupt install can affect ad blocking.
  • Ad blocking is not 100% foolproof. Some ads may slip through but it will block most.
  • Video ads in YouTube Shorts currently can’t be blocked. These ads will still appear.

How Do I Restore Purchases or YT Premium?

Vanced doesn’t support premium feature purchases or restoring them. Features like background play are unlocked for free in Vanced. Premium content like YouTube Originals isn’t available either.

Will My Google/YouTube Account Get Banned?

Nope, using YouTube Vanced doesn’t pose any risk of banning your Google or YouTube account. Vanced only blocks ads locally on your device. Your accounts will remain safe!

And that covers the major troubleshooting tips! Reach out in the comments if you have any other issues arise.

Final Thoughts on YouTube Vanced

Well scrappy YouTube viewers, that wraps up this epic deep dive into the glorious ad-free world of YouTube Vanced! Here are my final thoughts:

  • YouTube Vanced is hands down the smoothest way to enjoy YouTube ad-free on Android. Blocking video ads alone makes it a must-have.
  • The additional features like background play and picture-in-picture are just icing on the cake. They turn Vanced into a true YouTube powerhouse app.
  • Thanks to the active development team, you can expect even more enhancements over the official YouTube app.
  • Installing Vanced is a total breeze with the Vanced Manager handling everything. Get up and running in just a few taps.
  • While not flawless, Vanced works remarkably well blocking nearly every video ad I encountered. And the app is very stable overall.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and enjoy YouTube ad-free with Vanced! Leave any feedback or questions for me below. Remember – ads are temporary, but swankiness is forever. Until next time crew!

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