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With the Tag After School MOD APK you can unlock all characters, infinite stamina and money, speed hacks, no ability cooldowns and more for dominating every match in the ultimate online multiplayer tag game.
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Aug 16, 2023
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Hide and seek just got serious choombas. Tag After School takes the classic game of chase, hide, and tag to the next level with anime visuals and online multiplayer. But the vanilla version is for casuals – to really pump up the intensity we gotta talk the Tag After School MOD APK.

This mod kicks things into overdrive with unlimited money, all characters unlocked, infinite stamina, crazy speed hacks, and more. Time to give Piggy and Slenderman a run for their money in the ultimate playground manhunt!

In this edgerunner guide I’ll break down everything you need to know about the mod and dominate any match. We’ll boost hard, move fast, and send these weebs back to the lobby crying. Here’s the lowdown on taking your tag game to the bleeding edge. Let’s frag!

Tag After School MOD APK – Playing for Keeps

The original mobile game captured the anxiety and excitement of an IRL game of tag ramped up to anime levels. But the MOD APK takes it even further with:

All Characters Unlocked

No more grinding just to unlock your favorite waifu or edgy Pretty Boy. With the mod you’ll have instant access to the full roster of students with unique skills. Time to tag with your dream team!

Infinite Stamina

Keep that sprint turbo mode engaged forever! The mod means you’ll never run out of stamina mid-chase and have to awkwardly hobble away. Just tap unlimited cardio and endless stamina.

Speed Hacks

Crank your movement speed up to 11 and blitz around the map vanishing in the blink of an eye. Other players will spin around confused wondering where you went! Nothing’s faster than a modded player on the hunt.

Unlimited Money

All the sweet cosmetics and bonuses can be yours without grinding! Purchase every outfit, accessory, and flex on the posers.

No Ability Cooldowns

Spam those character-specific skills constantly with zero downtime! Shockwave, teleport, vanish – own every match by abusing no cooldown superpowers.

With powers like these, you won’t just win, you’ll dominate the server!

Installation – Slapping on the MOD APK

Dropping mods on Android is a cinch. Just follow these steps to tag faster, better, stronger:

Step 1 – Backup and Uninstall the Original

As always, start by removing any trace of the vanilla app. Open device settings, apps, find Tag After School and uninstall it. Wipe that slate clean as an ice rink on Mars.

Step 2 – Enable Unknown Sources

Slide into device settings and enable the ability to install from unknown sources. You rebel you! This might be hidden in advanced options.

Step 3 – Download the MOD APK

Aight, now smash that big ol’ download button on this page and grab the mod file. It’ll download locally as an APK package ready to install.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re on solid WiFi or LTE before you download! Don’t be on some crusty old 14k modem.

Step 4 – Install the MOD APK

Once downloaded, tap the APK file on your device to install. You’ll probably get a warning about potential harm but chill, it’s safe as houses. Tap install.

After a few seconds you’ll have a badass modded Tag After School ready to rock! Time to chase that dopamine rush.

Tips, Tricks, and FAQs – Pro Strats for Pr0 Players

Listen up you edgerunners. To dominate every match and avoid getting tagged, here are some essential strategies:

Instant Stamina Regen Exploit

Tap the stamina button in rapid fire mode to trigger an exploit that instantly resets your stamina bar to full. Never stop sprinting!

Corner Peeking

Peek around corners and obstacles without exposing yourself fully. Master this and you can juke pursuers like crazy.

Character Hopping

Switch characters mid-match based on the situation. Turn invisible to escape, teleport away, recover stamina with healer – adapt and thrive!

Is the Mod APK Safe to Use?

Chill choomba, the mod is safe as houses. It modifies game files locally but won’t touch anything else. Disable that paranoid antivirus.

Will I get Banned for using the MOD APK?

Nah you’ll be fine, this is 100% safe. Only affects offline gameplay so go wild!

Does the MOD work on iOS and iPhone?

Sadly no. Apple is super controlling about mods and fun. Just another reason Android master race.

Help! I can’t install the MOD APK!

First check you uninstalled the original clean. If issues persist, enable install from unknown sources in settings. Disable antivirus if it’s being shady. You got this!

Where do you find MOD APKs for other games?

I’m laser focused on tag domination over here choomba! But with some deep diving through the web’s grimiest corners, you may find other edgerunner mods. Godspeed you hackerman!

And that’s game, set, match. The Tag After School MOD APK will school any scrub and make you a pro MLG gamer. Now get out there and chase that victory royale!

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