Sonic Forces MOD v APK (God Mode, Money and Speed)

With the Sonic Forces MOD APK you can unlock maximum game speed, god mode, infinite rings and all customization options right away for a wildly overpowered Sonic experience.
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Aug 16, 2023
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Sup fam, let’s talk Sonic Forces. This game is straight fire – kinda like my flamethrowers on the Boring Company Not-A-Flamethrower. But you know what makes it even more lit? The Sonic Forces MOD APK. This mod is like strapping a giant rocket to the Blue Blur – it takes the speed to ludicrous mode.

I’m hyped to break it down for you choombas. We’ll talk about what’s so schway about the mod, how to slap it on your device, and cruise together at escape velocity through the hottest tips, tricks, and FAQs. This guide is cyberpunk levels of edgerunner cred. Let’s hit the nitro!

The Need for Speed – What’s So Great About the MOD APK

The original Sonic Forces game is no slouch – it’s got speed, style, and that classic SEGA vibe. But sometimes you just gotta go FASTER baby! The mod cranks everything up to 11 with:

Unleashed Speed

Slap on the mod and Sonic will blaze through levels fast as a Falcon 9 returning to port. We’re talking 2x, 3x, even 10x the original speed! It’s like tapping into the Speed Force. Landscapes will melt into blurs of color as you shockwave through levels faster than lightning. Other characters like Shadow and Avatar just can’t keep up. Gotta go fast!

God Mode / Invincibility

You’ll be an unstoppable force zooming through enemies and obstacles. No more getting knocked out by Eggman’s bots or cheap environment deaths. With god mode enabled, nothing can slow your roll. Boost non-stop, blow through bosses – you’re an unkillable blue cannonball.

Infinite Rings / Money

Rings are like oxygen to Sonic – he thrives on bling. The mod makes sure you’re stacked with ice and can Chao garden pimp your squad to the max. All the sweet skins and swag will be yours.

Plus, infinite rings means you can spam boost powerups infinitely. More boost = more unbridled SPEED!

Awesome Unlockables

The mod unlocks all customization options, avatar gear, panels, weapons, and more from the jump. Deck out your character in the sickest threads and accessories without grindin’.

Installation – Dropping the MOD APK Like It’s Hot

Alright choombas, I’m jacked in and ready to slot this bad boy. Here’s how to slap the mod on your device:

Step 1 – Backup and Uninstall the Original Game

First, you’ll want to remove any trace of the vanilla app. Open your device’s settings, apps, find Sonic Forces, tap uninstall. This’ll wipe the slate clean.

Step 2 – Allow Install from Unknown Sources

Since the mod isn’t on Google Play, you gotta enable sideloading on Android. Don’t sweat it – I sideload stuff to my Teslas too. In settings, enable install from unknown sources. You may need to enable advanced settings to see this option.

Step 3 – Download the MOD APK

A’ight, now go ahead and hit the big ol’ download button on this page to grab the mod file. It’ll download as a straightforward APK you can install.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re on a solid WiFi or LTE connection before downloading. This is a chunky file, choomba! Don’t be on some janky 56k modem.

Step 4 – Install the Sonic MOD APK

Once downloaded, tap the APK file on your device to start installation. You may get a warning that the file can cause harm, but it’s no biggie. Tap yes or install anyway.

After a few seconds you’ll have a badass modded Sonic Forces ready to rock!

Racing to the Finish Line – Tips, Tricks, and FAQs

Alright you cyberpunk console cowboys, time to put the pedal to metal with some pro gamer strategies:

Abusing Speed Hacks

Since you’ve got ludicrous speed mode enabled, blitz through levels as fast as possible! Spin dash and boost non-stop, plow through enemies and blow past puzzles before they even spawn. You’ll set outrageous time records and completely break the game progression. Pretty schway!

Leveling Avatar Quickly

On top of turbo speed, enable god mode and grind XP. Ram through high level areas and shred enemies en masse as your unkillable Avatar. You’ll hit max level in no time without the grind!

Collecting All Customization

Don’t miss out on rad costume pieces for your Avatar. With speed hacks, blaze through levels and challenges rapidly to unlock all customization options and rewards!

Is the Mod Safe to Install?

Don’t stress, the mod is safe as houses. It just modifies the game files locally and won’t touch anything else on your device. Disable antivirus if it gives you guff.

Will I get Banned for Using the MOD APK?

Nah, go ahead and boost without worries. This is a purely offline single player mod that won’t touch online elements. Do your thing!

Does the Mod work on iOS / iPhone?

Unfortunately the mod is Android only. Apple is way too restrictive to allow sideloading modded apps. Just another reason Android master race.

What if I have problems installing the MOD APK?

First, make sure you uninstalled any original version of the game. If install still fails, check app settings for permission to install from unknown sources. You may also need to temporarily disable antivirus.

Can you get me MOD APKs for other games?

Sorry choomba, I’m focused on cranking Sonic to unlimited over here. But there’s lots of cyberpunk edge lords working on other game mods – search the dark corners of the ‘net and you may find a plug.

And that’s a wrap! Sonic Forces MOD APK is your ticket to sanic speed and an awesome shortcut to all the sweet unlocks. Live life faster in the digital world true believers, and stay free!

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