AdVenture Capitalist 8.20.2 Mod APK – (Add Unlimited Money)

With the AdVenture Capitalist MOD APK, you can build unlimited business empires by removing all money restrictions in the game.
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Aug 8, 2023
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Listen up folks, this is gonna blow your mind. The AdVenture Capitalist MOD APK is an absolute game changer. With unlimited money, you can build your business empire like never before. Forget working 9-5 or begging daddy for a loan. This MOD APK unlocks the capitalist inside us all.

I know what you’re thinking – this sounds too good to be true. But I’m telling you, this MOD APK is the real deal. The developers hacked the game to remove all limits on in-app purchases. You want a few septillion dollars to invest? No problem. Just download the MOD APK below and you’re good to go.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to become the ultimate adventure capitalist. We’ll cover downloading and installing the MOD APK, tips and tricks for managing your growing empire, prestige strategies, and how to absolutely dominate this game with unlimited money.

So buckle up and get ready for the capitalist ride of your life!

Downloading the AdVenture Capitalist MOD APK

Let’s start by getting the MOD APK downloaded so you can start your journey to entrepreneurial greatness. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click the big green “Download” button below to get the latest version of the MOD APK.
  2. Wait for the download to finish. The file size is around 100MB so it shouldn’t take too long.
  3. Once downloaded, open your file manager app on your device. The downloaded APK file should be in the “Downloads” folder.
  4. Tap on the AdVentureCapitalistMOD.apk file. You may see a warning about installing apps from unknown sources. Just click “Settings” and toggle on “Allow from this source”.
  5. Tap “Install” on the install page and let the magic happen!
  6. After install, you may need to manually enable install from unknown sources again. Just repeat step 4 directions.
  7. Open AdVenture Capitalist MOD APK app and enjoy unlimited money!

Yeah, I know right? That was easy! Just a few simple steps is all it takes to open the gates to endless wealth.

Now let’s get to the good stuff and talk how you can build business empires like never before with unlimited money!

Unleashing Your Inner Capitalist Tycoon

Here are my top tips for dominating AdVenture Capitalist with unlimited money:

Invest in the Most Profitable Businesses First

  • When you’re just starting, focus on investing in newspapers, car washes, pizza delivery, donut shops – these will generate profit quickly.
  • Once you build up some capital, move to more expensive businesses like oil companies, banks, movie studios.
  • Keep balancing cheaper investments that generate fast cash with bigger ones that pay off over time.

Always Be Upgrading Businesses

  • Use unlimited money to keep buying all upgrades like additional locations, managers, etc.
  • Upgrading multiplies the profit from each business, so you make money exponentially faster.
  • Don’t waste time waiting to earn money for upgrades – just buy them instantly with unlimited cash.

Automate Everything

  • Make investments easier by turning on auto-collect for all businesses.
  • Enable auto angel investors so you get passive income while away from the game.
  • With unlimited money, you can automate hours of manual grinding almost instantly.

Invest in Angel Investors Aggressively

  • Angel investors multiply your profits across all businesses.
  • Splurge on upgrading angels frequently – with unlimited money you can max them out anytime.
  • Angels are a top priority, don’t hold back on investing in them.

Keep Tapping the Instant Cash Button

  • AdVenture Capitalist lets you instantly earn money by watching video ads.
  • Keep tapping the instant cash button, especially right before big upgrades or investments.
  • Free money is free money – abuse this with unlimited tapping thanks to the MOD APK.

Prestige Strategies for the Ultimate Capitalist

Once your business empire is booming, it’s time to take it to the next level with prestige upgrades. Here are some high level prestige strategies:

Reset Early and Often

  • Don’t be afraid to prestige once profits start slowing down.
  • Prestige multiplies profits so you make money even faster.
  • With unlimited money, feel free to prestige the second it’s available.

Buy Instant Prestige Upgrades

  • Use unlimited money to buy instant prestige point upgrades.
  • Focus on upgrades that boost angel investors and speed up resets.
  • Avoid tedious grinding and speedrun prestiging thanks to instant upgrades.

Invest Heavily After Prestige

  • When you reset, profits reset too – so invest aggressively early.
  • Splurge on expensive upgrades you couldn’t afford before prestiging.
  • Capitalize quickly on the profit multiplier from resetting.

Repeat the Process

  • Prestige, invest heavily, upgrade businesses, prestige again.
  • With unlimited money you can quickly loop through this cycle.
  • Keep prestiging and investing without waiting to earn back capital.

Becoming the Ultimate AdVenture Capitalist

Follow my advice and the MOD APK will transform you into a business tycoon faster than you can say “septillionaire”. Here’s a quick recap of the key points:

  • Download the MOD APK for unlimited money.
  • Invest wisely in profitable businesses and upgrades.
  • Automate everything once you can afford it.
  • Keep prestiging and resetting early and often.
  • Abuse instant cash, angel investors, and unlimited instant upgrades.

I’m telling you right now, this MOD APK completely changes AdVenture Capitalist. Without money limits, you’re free to play exactly how you want. The business empire you can build is only limited by your imagination and capitalistdrive.

So stop waiting and download the MOD APK right now! It’s time to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams of outrageous fortunes. Channel your inner tycoon and make it rain with unlimited money today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Here are answers to some common FAQs about the AdVenture Capitalist MOD APK:

The developers allow mods and won’t ban you for using them. Everything is all good, so download away!

Does the MOD APK work on both Android and iOS?

Unfortunately the mod only works for Android at this time. Apple restricts this kind of stuff.

Does this ruin the gameplay at all?

I think it improves it! With money limits removed, you can focus on strategy and investments.

Do I need to root my device?

Nope! The mod works just fine on unrooted devices. Simple download and install.

Will my old game progress carry over?

Your old data won’t transfer. But with unlimited money, you’ll blaze past your old progress quickly!

Is there a money limit in the MOD APK?

Nope, no limits! You can have quintillions or septillions, the skys the limit!

Can I get banned for ridiculous amounts of money?

Nah, spend as much as you want! Devs don’t punish for mods.

Will upgrades ever get too expensive?

Even if upgrades cost octillions, unlimited money has you covered. Keep upgrading!

Do I need a PC to install the MOD APK?

You can install directly on your Android device, no PC required!

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and conquer the capitalist world! Use this guide to become the ultimate AdVenture Capitalist tycoon. The money won’t spend itself – download the MOD APK today!


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